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Ubay'âne, Jausiers


We live as a family to the rhythm of the seasons, the sweetness of life and sharing. In this magical place surrounded by sheep, goats, rabbits and donkeys, we have decided to share a bit of our home with you.
My husband on the sheep and goats side, I on the donkeys and donkeys side, and the children on the rabbits and kittens side!
Only producers, creators and manufacturers of Ubaye we are very happy today to make you discover our products.


Donkey's milk is the closest to star human milk in the cosmetics department, it lives up to it! Concentrated in essential fatty acids that the body is not able to create and which are responsible for the fluidity and suppleness of the skin, trace elements (copper, magnesium, selenium, silicon and zinc) which play an important role in elasticity and many vitamins responsible for the maintenance of collagen in the skin.

It hydrates from within and activates cell renewal.

This whole list makes it a precious tonic ally: anti-ageing, soothing, softening, healing, repairing, moisturizing, gentle and so boosting natural defenses against all aggressions. Nature at the service of beauty.


We are aware that a good product is made with good things, quite simply, that is why we give the best to our donkeys.

Small production we favor quality over quantity far from industrial dynamics.

We also respect nature and the rhythm of the seasons, you will be indulgent with us as to the unavailability of certain products depending on the period because you have to think about it the milk is not given continuously but only after a gestation period of 13 months (if everything is fine), and 2 months of milk reserved for the colt.

And we did not make up for this lack with powdered milk. This is the case if you want a product with the greatest respect for nature.

With the vagaries of Mother Nature and the drying time, 18 months are hidden behind each soap. Think about it!

Ubay'âne, Jausiers