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Le Fumeton, Barcelonnette


We are a family-owned craft company whose main concern since its creation in 1989 is to perpetuate the quality and originality of its productions.

At the beginning of our activity, our production was limited to dried mutton (Fumeton) which we have completed the development in order to adapt its taste to the greatest number of consumers.

Then came the creation of mutton sausage and shepherd's terrine to offer a range of mutton-based salting.

Today, in addition to pure pork sausage and country terrine with juniper, the most classic are sausage with porcini mushrooms, genepy, mountain cheese, wild boar sausage, and terrines of game and our forests that will delight your taste buds.



Marie Niss, Director of Le Fumeton

For lovers of real products, all our terrines are made from pork meat from France, coarsely chopped, seasoned with a few spices and ingredients that will seduce you.

Our sausages are made according to a traditional recipe, without dyes, without polyphosphates and without lactose, responsible for many allergies, with the most noble part of the pig; the ham, which we select from small farms in the south of France.

The meats are minced coarsely, salted and seasoned in a natural way, pushed under natural casings, chitterlings and following pork and tied with string. The sausages are then put in a dryer for a period of 4 to 5 weeks, where they mature in the pure mountain air while covering themselves with a natural flower.
Average weight 230g

The most demanding connoisseurs will be seduced by the flavors and the touch of originality of our sausages which have made our reputation.